Is simplifying financial fraud protection

The PCI security standard suggests how merchants should prevent, detect and react to card data breaches. We're building a Linux service that simplifies maintaining this standard.


Install our service in your cloud container.


Authenticate yourself.


Our service does all the revision and correction in the background.

Setup our service instantly

Install our Kubernets pod in your system. With this type of solution, your sensitive data will only be manipulated and seen by you.

System Logs

We scan your logs across all layers and tell you if they're correctly structured.

Host Vulnerabilities

We analyze your system's firewall to make sure that only the allowed traffic enters.

System Defaults

We verify that your system doesn't use vendor-supplied defaults for security parameters

Track your compliance visually

Our dashboard shows you a general compliance score.

Get a detailed checklist

If you want to see a detailed report of what specific part of your infrastructure in not compliant, you can see a detailed checklist.

Filter logs by date

You can easily retrieve system logs by date.

They Believe in SafeTalpa

Are you ready to easily maintain PCI compliance?

Save engineering time and money now